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In Memory of Akunjeri Ochijeh
17th July 1928 –
14th July 2010

A Tribute To A Rare In-law

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A Tribute To A Rare In-law

Grandma as you were popularly called, I could say nothing about your life until I came to live with you in the United States. You were a truthful, caring and open minded woman. Your heart was open to receive people at any time. It is rare to see two mother in-laws under the same roof for seven years without a single quarrel. It was all peaceful and fun living with you. Thank you for giving me such a hearty welcome. Thank you also for the love and care you had for my daughter and her kids. You handled them like "eggs" or precious treasury. You were not only a mother in-law to Oby but a real mother. Oh what a wonderful relationship. Thank you, thank you and  thank you. Your memories will ever remain green in my heart. I pray to Almighty God to welcome you into his paradise. Adieu my nice in-law untill we meet to part no more.

Ogbuefi Rufina Okoronkwo

Lowell, Massachusetts. 

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