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In Memory of Seshendra Sharma
20th October 1927 –
30th May 2007


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Rama Rao, actor turned politicial married Ms. Lakshmi Parvathi in 1994 and subsequently in January 1995 he came to power for the second time. She used to act as an extra constitutional power and run the matters of government and the party. She developed her own coterie of cohorts and started dominating the party. After NTR was toppled by his own son-in-law, most of them parted ways with her. And the remaining touts left her for good the day NTR breathed his last. Ms. Indira Dhanrajgir has been playing the same role in Telugu literature over a period of more than 3 decades. In the guise of literature she developed her own coterie of lumpens with extra literary and money mongering elements Ė Tangirala Subba Rao, Velichala Kondala Rao (Editor, Jayanthi) Cheekolu Sundarayya (A.G.s Office, Hyderabad et al). There are a couple of dissimilarities between these two instances. Afther the demise of NTR, L.Pís coterie of cohorts disappeared once and for all. Whereas, in Indira Dhanrajgirís case new lumpens are entering the field with the passage of time. Squandering her late fatherís wealth, she is roping in new touts. Since NTRís wife Basava Tarakam passed away in 1984 and since he was old and sick NTRís marriage with LP has ethical basis and is legal completely. Whereas Indira Dhanrajgirís is neither ethical nor legal. Hence it is a street play. This is the reason why after my fatherís death she has been spending money on a larger scale and indulging in false publicity and propaganda. Bh. Krishna Murthy, Sadasiva Sharma (The then Editor of Andhra Prabha: Telugu Daily, presently with Hindi Milap) Chandrasekhara Rao (Telugu lecturer: Methodist Degree College) etc. are indulging in all sorts of heinous acts to propup Indira Dhanrajgir as my fatherís wife. My father passed away on 30 May 2007. When our family was in grief and I was performing the 11 day ritual as per my motherís wish, the above mentioned Sadasiva Sharma went to Municipal Office on 4th June, created ruckus, played havoc telling them that he is from the Prime Ministerís Office, made some Ďsenion officialsí make phone calls to the officials concerned and got my fatherís death certificate forcibly issued. When the entire family as mourning the death of the family head, a stranger and a lumpen S.S. Ė Why did he collect my fatherís death certificate forcibly from the municipal authorities? Whom did he collect it for?

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