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In Memory of Seshendra Sharma
20th October 1927 –
30th May 2007


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This is perhaps for the first time that the name of a lady appears in 3 forms at a time. Perhaps in 1970, in my father’s collection of poems “PAKSHULU” her name appeared As Rajkumari India Devi Dhanrajgir. In 2006 she published a fake version of Kamaostav (Rewritten by a muffian Called Chandrasekhar Rao). In this book her name appears as Rajkumari India Devi Dhanrajgir Prior to 1970 in Maqdoom Mohiuddeen’s (Renowned Urdu Poet) anthology of poetry ‘bisath-E-Raks’, in Urdu as well as Hindi, at the end of two poems her name appears as Kumari Indira Dhanrajgir. On 15th June 2007 A.P. State cultural affairs department and Telugu University jointly held my father’s memorial meeting. Indira Dhanrajgir hijacked this meeting by issuing her own commercial advertisements in English and Telugu dailies. In these advertisements her name appeared as Smt. Indira Devi Seshendra Sharma and again in the commercial public notices made by her in the month of November 2007 her name appeared as Rajkumari devi etc. Why does her name appear in different forms on different occasions? Will Indira Dhanrajgir explain? Will Sadasiva Sharma clarify, who forcibly took my father’s death certificate after four days of his death? Or will Bh. Krishna Murthy clarify? If Indira Dhanrajgir has even an iota of regard, respect for or faith in love, or relation, the institution of marriage, immediately after ‘Halebeed Circus’, she would have used my father’s family sir name and her name would have appeared as Gunturu Indira. Since she was conscious of her goal during all times and conditions she did not take such a hasty and mindless step of change of her name.

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