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In Memory of Walton Hillerich
11th September 1932 –
21st February 2012

Katrina & Kierah - daughter & granddaughter of Walton

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Katrina - I loved my dad.  I was lucky to have such a good father.  I'm proud of my mom and dad.  I had done so many wrong things in my life.  They were there to pick me up.  We had fun in our days together.  The walks in the parks, the beach.  The trips we took across the states.  I also enjoyed our family's devotions.  I have tried to do the same for my children.  He would light up when we walked into the house.  He loved us all, we were perfect in his eyes.  The times we talked about our lives.  He enjoyed our visits.  Whenever someone asked about his children he would light up like a Christmas tree.  You can see he was a proud man.  My dad, my hero, my life.  I will always remember our days.  I love you dad, your daughter Katrina.

Kierah, 8 yrs
- Grandpa was a great man.  He always hugged me every time when he was going back home.  He was the nicest man I met.  I would look up and say, "I hope my grandpa would never die."  I look up tonight.  I see his star looking down and I want to say, "I miss you. I want you back alive so much!

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