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In Memory of Walton Hillerich
11th September 1932 –
21st February 2012

Kisha & Kimberly - granddaughters

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Kimberly - Hello my beloved family.  In these times of heartache and when our eyes and hearts are filled with sadness and tears, it's best you relive those beautiful memories in which you have had with Monte.  Of course, I didn't have very many memories with my grandfather.  I still loved him dearly and I also regret not saying how I really felt to grandpa when he was laying there in his lifeless coma, perhaps it was because everyone could hear me and at heart I'm a really shy person.  The true words I wanted to say were, "Grandfather, seeing you like this hurts me deeply, I wish you would just wake up right now.  I love you and I'll keep on wishing that I'm dreaming right now because such a man like you shouldn't be laying in a hospital bed."  I'm sure that we are all hurting right now, but time will heal our wounds.

"There's nothing I wouldn't do, to have just one more chance to look into your eyes and see you looking back."  It's a shame it took such a traumatic event to bring our family closer together.

- (written 02/23/12 1:50 pm)
I never really knew my Grandfather as well as I would have liked.  I never knew that he wrote in his journals every day about the things that had gone on, about the memories he cherished most.  I'm not saying that I don't regret not getting to know him, but I do regret I believed in my father's hateful words about the family.  I regret the days where I could have gone with mother inside and said, "Hi Grandpa, Grandma, how are you both?"  I regret the days I just stood there in the back nodding my head towards the two when I could have smiled openly like he had and hugged them both.  I find it honestly appalling that it took such a tragedy like this in order to bring us this close... Yet, I do regret the final moments, the final hours of his life the most, because instead of staying by his bedside, I decided to stay in the waiting room or go and explore the hospital either by myself or with the company of a close family member or with a small child that clung to my leg pants as we walked through the gardens.  I won't deny that it was better for me, I do, however, know that it was harder for me to stay in there and smell the thick scent of blood, than to be outside with my cousins getting the scent of sweet fresh air mixed with rain.

I've never been much of a person to really express myself unless it is through my writing and I truly believe that Grandpa was the same way.  However, his sweet smile was always the one that would make me feel a little bit better every single time I saw it.  Going back on the few memories that I have left of him, I knew that he was the only non-judgmental person there.  He was always so calm and happy, as if he knew that life was just the best thing ever.  I've never heard him yell, nor have I ever heard him curse at anyone.  Yes, I've seen him frustrated, but he always let people know by telling them not to do something or to ask for something with "please" and then finish off with "Thank you" after received what it was you had asked for.  He was probably the only person that I had wanted to see on my mother's side of the family, he was the only person that was always smiling when anyone (even if it was my overbearing father) came in to see him and say,"hello."  He will always be in my thoughts, he will always be a part of my life, and though he is no longer here anymore, I am sure that he is with us in our hearts.  I love you Grandpa Monte!  I hope you are very happy now!  We all miss you!

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