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In Memory of Michael Miller
19th October 1977 –
16th February 2006

This Is My Story

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I am the mom to angel Michael. A lot of people who will be reading this knows me. And so many of you want. I know I am not the first mother that has lost a child. And I feel your pain also.

Losing a child is hard, but losing a child to homicide is a gut wrenching grief...I want to tell you what happen and what I saw...just minutes after my son was murdered.

It was on a cool wet febuary day of 2006. I was sitting in my chair and the phone rang. I knew it was time for my son to call me, like he always did. To check on me and his dad...As always to tell me he loved me. So at 6:10 Michael called me. As we were talking I heard his girlfriend ask him who was he talking to. He reply to her I am talking to my mom. I heard her in the background saying cut, but I didn't know what she was talking about. I ask my son if she mean she was going to cut the phone lines into, if so go right ahead...that I was just a phone call away. They were fussing. I told Michael I would be right over there, he reply to me o.k mom I will see you in a minute.

So I grab my keys and told my husband I was going to Michael's and I would be right back. It took me 7 minutes to get to his house...but I was 7 minutes to late. She had done shot and killed my son. I screamed and screamed oh my God you have killed my baby...she was standing over my son's body with his blood all over her.

I fall to my knees a screaming and crying Oh God no, I want my baby back. She had shot my son in the head. And blew his brains out. As I looked at my son I saw his brains around him. The side of his head was gone... After my husband got to our son's house. We were looking at him I passed out, my husband went into the house and grab a sheet off the bed to spread over him, so no one could see him.

My son lie on the ground until 11:30. I wanted to get my son up and put him in my arms and tell him he was going to o.k. The ground was cold and wet. 4 in 1/2 hours went by before they picked my son up off of the ground...As the undertakers was preparing to drive away...I was crying and told them to please drive slow. That was my son that I loved so...We ask where were they carring our son...I needed to go with him...They were carrying our son to Mongomery I knew I would never get to see my son again.

On feb 19 I saw my son's body. But it didn't look like him. I was told I couldn't touch his face or it would cave in. I knew I would never get to kiss him good-bye. As I continue to cry. His body couldn't be view by the public or family or friends.

Feb 20 we buried our son at Concord Cementary. I wanted to open up his casket and crawl in with him. I needed to keep him warm the best I could. This couldn't be happening to me. I lost my son and my best friend. As I was carried from his gravesite once again I passed out.

Febuary 22 we went back to our son's home. And picked up parts of his skull and placed them into a jar. As my husband washed away the remain that were still on the ground. Then we go to his gravesite and bury his skull parts right beside him.

The law enforcement should have done this...And to may this story sadder the law ask my son to clean up his brothers remains. My son was treated like he was a piece of garbage on the side of the road. And animal would have been treated better than my son was. I will never turst our law enforcement again.

Now there is a killer walking the streets because they fail to do there job. This woman was let go...This is so sorry, they never took this woman in. She was put in handcuffs and places in the the cop car... and release in care of her mother.

She didn't serve justice here...but she will when she has to answer to God. But I forgive this woman even though she killed my son...for if I didn't I would never see my son again.

My son is in heaven with our Lord... with his arms all wrapped around him. No one will be able to harm my son again. Michael was in church sunday morning praising God and shouting Amen. On Feduary 16the my son was murdered at his home by his girlfriend.

Rest in peace Michael I will see you again. The next time son you will never leave me again. I Love You Son!

Love Mom

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