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In Memory Of George Joseph Detweiler

15th June 1955 – 7th October 2010

"Gone But Never Forgotten "My Dad""

This memorial website was created in the memory of George Joseph Detweiler, born in Salt Lake City, Ut on the 15th June 1955 and passed away on the 7th October 2010, 55 years of age.
Full Name: George Joseph Detweiler
Born: 15th June 1955
Passed Away: 7th October 2010
Age: 55 years of age
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Country: The United States
Father: Carma Detweiler
Mother: Gladys Hollander Pinney
Birth Place: Salt Lake City, Ut
Children: Carma Dion & Christopher George Detweiler
Siblings: Lori & Joni
Occupation: Mechanic (Auto)

Created by Carma on 25 Oct 2010 & upgraded by Carma
In Memory Of George Joseph Detweiler
Survived By: His fiance Callie Carrillo, Carma & Scott Barfuss, Christopher George Detweiler & his grandkids Kassandra Corbin & Brylee

George Joseph Detweiler Jr.

June 15, 1955 - October 7, 2010

George Joseph Detweiler Collins Jr., - passed away at Valley Hospital Medical Center on Oct. 7th in Las Vegas NV due to, and after fighting Juvenile Diabetes almost his whole life. He suffered renal and heart failure due to his disease.

George J. Detweiler was born in Salt Lake City, Ut to Cecilia Sar Gallegos and George William Collins Jr. He also had a sister named Cynthia. Later he was adopted by Gladys HK Hollander Detweiler Kiger Pinney and Jack Detweiler who also had two daughters Lori and Joni Detweiler.

My Dad grew up in Toole, Ut where he attended school. He also went to Mechanics school in Utah. George loved cars and fixing cars.

George was married to Diana Lynn Leavitt in Las Vegas, NV when he was 19. He and his wife then moved to Toole, Ut where they had a daughter Carma Dion Detweiler January 10th 1975 who now lives in Oregon with her family. George and his daughter Carma were just reunited after having no contact for 28 years this last January. He was so excited to meet his family and to know he had a beautiful granddaughter.

George was part Arapaho Indian and loved that part of him. He also loved the outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting. He told me he wanted to go back to Toole, Ut where he could go out into the wilderness and go camping. He also wanted to come here to Oregon to spend more time with his family and meet his granddaughter.

George was survived by his Fiance Callie Carrillo, his daughter Carma Dion Detweiler Barfuss, son in law Scott Barfuss, his granddaughter Kassandra Tomassa Ramos, his son Christopher George Detweiler, his grandson Corbin, granddaughter Brylee Brooke and his two sisters Lori and Joni.

George will be remembered by his family and friends with a Memorial Service held by his Daughter, Son in law and granddaughter at their home in Oregon.

There will also be a small ceremony at Valley Memorial where he will be able to rest in peace until our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ comes back.

Today George is finally home with his family, and most importantly at his eternal home with God. We are only here in this world for a short time and then we are gone for eternity!

George J. Detweiler "Whitehawk"

"Home is where the heart is"

I'll Join Him Someday

I haven't been there yet - but I'm leaving someday,
To join my loved one - he's not far away.
Can you feel his presence? his warmth? his love?
He's with us right now - looking down from above,
Watching and waiting - as we grieve and cry,
Reaching out in comfort - with a gentle sigh.
Please don't weep for him - he's with the Lord,
Protected from Satan - with just one word:

Poetry In Memory of George Detweiler


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Me And My Dad!! Jan 21, 2010

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26 Jan 2011
Margo placed this flower & wrote: Your sweet reunion with your daughter, Carma--What a blessing for her--rest in Peace!
21 Jan 2011
Carma placed this flower & wrote: I love you! Your daughter Carma!
7 Nov 2010
Diana placed this flower & wrote: Be at peace, and know that you are missed and loved.
29 Oct 2010
Carma placed this flower & wrote: I love and miss you Dad!

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Carma lit this candle on 28 Oct 2010

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Me And My Dad!! Jan 21, 2010
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The author has suggested donations be sent to following charity / organization;


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