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In Memory Of Bessie Zeigler

18th February 1934 – 12th October 2008

This memorial website was created in the memory of Bessie Zeigler, born in MULGA, ALABAMA on the 18th February 1934 and passed away on the 12th October 2008, 74 years of age.
Full Name: Bessie Zeigler
Born: 18th February 1934
Passed Away: 12th October 2008
Age: 74 years of age
Location: montgomery, Alabama
Country: The United States
Spouse: nathaniel zeigler
Father: richard jackson
Mother: basal jackson
Children: carol zeigler, robert zeigler, william zeigler, nathan zeigler, deborah fisher
Occupation: HOME MAKER

Created by shalonda on 21 Aug 2008
In Memory Of Bessie Zeigler


No glory found in tragedy,
....With eyes denying pain-filled tears;
As waterfalls halt over masses of hurt---
....Where a loved life fuses with our fears;.

We must not question God's purpose,
....Though comfort won't comfort the empty space;
And during this period of bewilderment---
....Remember--- they're in a better place.

For God is too wise and too trustworthy,
....To give leverage for any one mistake;
The King of Kings would never consent---
....A burden our families could not take.

So feel the angel wings of consolation,
....Wipe away any outpour of tears of sorrow;
And feel the radiation of a lost smile---
....That we'll hold in the distant tomorrow.

Even with the void that fills our hearts,
....Unable to wholly vanish or erase;
They now wear God's crown of paradise---
....Forever resting in a better place.

Heaven is rejoicing that our angel
....Is now without hurt and melancholy;
For they have been deemed eternal life---
....And our tragedy, is heaven's glory.


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