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In Memory Of Brenda Ann Lassonde

16th June 1957 – 9th March 2011

This memorial website was created in the memory of Brenda Ann Lassonde, born in Albany, NY on the 16th June 1957 and passed away on the 9th March 2011, 53 years of age.
Full Name: Brenda Ann Lassonde
Born: 16th June 1957
Passed Away: 9th March 2011
Age: 53 years of age
Location: Ocala, Florida
Country: The United States
Father: Joseph P. Lassonde
Mother: Ruth K. Lassonde
Birth Place: Albany, NY
Children: Angela Sage; Kenneth Kearsing
Siblings: Laure Krug; Dawn Goes; Joseph Lassonde
Occupation: Correctional Officer (Disabled)

Created by Angie on 23 Apr 2011 & upgraded by Angela
In Memory Of Brenda Ann Lassonde
Survived By: Both Children, 4 Grandchildren, Mother, 2 Sisters, Brother, Several Nieces and Nephews

I knew that someday I would have to live without my mother; but I never thought it would be so early in our lives. I estimated having another 25, maybe 30, years left with her. However, on March 9th, I was hit with the harsh reality that I would have to deal with this loss so much sooner than I expected. My mother, Brenda Lassonde, is survived by myself, my brother Kenny, 4 grandchildren, her mother Ruth, two sisters, Laure and Dawn, her brother Joe, and of course, all the family and friends we see here this morning. You have lost a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a family member, or a dear friend. I have not only lost my mother, I have lost the most influential person in my life, and I have lost my best friend.

My mother was such an incredibly caring, giving and loving woman. Whether it was with a strategically placed note, a small gift, or a few kind words, she would do whatever she could to brighten your day. During her career as a correctional officer, Mom would take the time to listen to, converse with, get to know, and comfort many of the female inmates. Her compassion and sincerity earned her the trust, obedience, and respect of those she watched over. Throughout my life, she has been there to listen to, comfort, and lift me up whenever I was troubled. And I still have many of those inspirational notes she left for me; my favorite I carry in my wallet.

It was a tradition that started while I was in middle school that began laying the solid foundation of Mom’s and my friendship. Once a month, I would call home and ask her to come get me from school. We would have Olive Garden’s soup and salad for lunch, and then start on Mom’s list of errands for the day. If you ever spent any time with Mom, you know she made lists for everything! Those lunches and afternoons spent alone with my Mom will forever be cherished. A few, short years later, after graduating high school, I became pregnant with my oldest daughter, Shelby. Mom was with me at that appointment, and all those that followed. The two of us became inseparable. We shopped for the baby every chance we had. Our Olive Garden lunches continued. And Mom began working another second job at the Bingo hall where I worked. We did everything together, talked a about everything under the sun, and developed a bond and friendship that will last longer than we will. During the time Mom lived in Sarasota, and later in Indiana, I felt a huge loss. I hated not having her close by to visit with, have lunch with, or go shopping with. When she came back to Florida and moved in with us, I was elated to have my Mom and my best friend back. Regardless of how far away Mom moved, or whatever I was facing in life, Mom’s support and love were unwavering.

There is still so much more to my Mom that deserves to be said. Like how she enjoyed baking and cooking. She always had a new recipe to try; and would continuously be cutting more out of magazines. At Christmas, Mom would have a plate of homemade cookies for everyone. And our dining room would be so full of every kind of cookie imaginable, we were unable to eat there for at least a week. My Mom loved to bake; and we loved when she did! She took so much pride in everything she did in the kitchen; and rightfully so! She was a fabulous cook. There was one meal, however, that we never let her forget. It was about fourteen years ago, she made a big steak and potato dinner. It was the quietest dinner we had ever had because the steaks were a bit tough and we all had to chew for what felt like forever. I remember looking around the table and seeing the same confused look on everyone’s face as we gnawed aimlessly on our meat. Although our jaws were sore once we finally finished eating, we joked with her to please let Dad handle the steaks from then on. This became an ongoing joke and she was reminded of it at every family dinner we had. Mom would argue that it had to be the steak and nothing she did. I think we were already in agreement with her.

Mom also took great joy in her grandbabies. She was so proud of all four of them; and proud of Kenny and me for how we were raising them. I cannot express to you how she felt when Kenny and Tatiana gave Nikoh her father’s name as his middle name. And every time she and Dad watched Caden, I would get a call telling me about what adorable or funny thing Caden did or said. While Mom stayed with us, she shared a room with Shelby. There were many “movie nights” for the two of them; and if they watched a comedy, you could hear their mixed laughter from the other side of the house. On Monday nights, she watched Monday Night Raw with Krysta and Dad, providing them with her own personal commentary, and Krysta loved to hear it!

The world has lost a great woman, but I have lost my mother. Most importantly, I have lost my best friend. I honestly do not know how I will go on without this wonderful woman. I will not see her smile anymore, hug her, or hear her laugh; but she will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. When I hold my own daughters, I will remember how she held and comforted me. I am sad today, but I am not sad for my Mom. I am sad for each of us who grew so accustomed to her big smile, kind words, and hearty laugh. I am sad for all the tomorrows in which she will not be an active participant, but that sadness is tempered with the belief that we will all be together again. That she is right now with her father, making plans for the day that they will greet each of us. Mother, I will miss you, but I know that you will be with me in spirit every day of my life.

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 27 Apr 2011 – Joel Singh from Bangalore, India
      email author
Sorry to hear about your great loss. The death of a loved one causes a lot of pain and anguish - a kind ofpain that cannot be compared to any other. However, the comforting thing is all of you have the hope of seeing your mum and being reunited with her in the very near future when she is brought back to life in the smae form to be reunited with you and the rest of the family. This is a wonderful promise made in the Bible - which helps us to see clearly that when God's kingdom is set up on this ...» read more

 27 Apr 2011 – Renee from Ga
      email author
What a wonderful relationship you had with your mother,everyone should have a relationship like this. Of course this makes it all the more diffcult to deal your loss. I once read we never get over death we just get use to it.There is a sliver lining and that is that God has made a promise to mankind at John 5: 28,29. The bible tells us at Numbers 23:19 that God is not a man that he should tell lies, so we can put trust in that promise.Keep looking to God he will help.

 25 Apr 2011 – Ciara J from St.Petersburg,FL
      email author
I am so very for your loss...That biography was wonderful! she must have been really caring! Please accept my deepest condolences. When you get a chance please read Revelation 21:4,5. It really helped me in my time of distress.May you be blessed

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11 Aug 2011
tina placed this flower & wrote: god bless ur mum
9 May 2011
Angie placed this flower & wrote: Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! It was a difficult day without you. I miss you so much!!!
Nikoh & Caden
25 Apr 2011
Nikoh & Caden placed this flower & wrote: We miss you Mimi!
25 Apr 2011
John placed this flower & wrote: Rest in God's peace
25 Apr 2011
Angie placed this flower & wrote: I miss you so much! You are on my mind constantly and in my heart always. I love you!

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Brenda, Angie & Kenny at Grandma's (Sept 2005)
Brenda & Granddaughters
Brenda & Grandsons
Lassonde Women (Laure, Brenda, Ruth & Dawn)
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Life Timeline

1957  Born Jun 16  Albany, NY 
1976 Married to Kenneth E Kearsing
1977 Birth of Daughter, Angela Marie
1979 Birth of Son, Kenneth Emory
1987 Moved from Albany, NY to Summerfield, FL
1996 Birth of Granddaughter, Shelby Taylor
1998 Birth of Granddaughter, Krysta Marie
2005 Birth of Grandson, Nikohlas Joseph
2008 Birth of Grandson, Caden Anthony
2011  Passed away Mar 9  Ocala, FL 


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