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In Memory Of Dr. Frank Olaoba Arasanyin

10th October 1954 – 10th February 2012

This memorial website was created in the memory of Frank Olaoba Arasanyin, born in Okeagbe, Ondo State, Nigeria on the 10th October 1954 and passed away on the 10th February 2012, 57 years of age.
Full Name: Dr. Frank Olaoba Arasanyin
Born: 10th October 1954
Passed Away: 10th February 2012
Age: 57 years of age
Location: HARRISONBURG, Virginia
Country: The United States
Spouse: Victoria Nonye
Father: HH Ezekiel Arasanyin
Mother: Olori Salamotu Arasanyin
Birth Place: Okeagbe, Ondo State, Nigeria
Children: Folasade and Olufemi
Siblings: Princess Afinju, Dada, Bosede and Princes Talab, Steve and Foluso
Occupation: Professor

Created by Steve on 13 Feb 2012
In Memory Of Frank Olaoba Arasanyin
Survived By: Nephews: Rev Femi Abu Nieces: Ms Yemi Adekanbi

Dr. Frank Arasanyin was laid to rest Saturday, March, 3rd, 2012. Find
below a funeral oration(Eulogy) by: 

By Prof Toyin Falola (University of Texas, Austin)

At the service of songs held yesterday evening for Dr. Frank Olaoba
Arasanyin, we heard so much about our dear friend, the illustrious
son of Africa and the United States. We were reminded of the promise
of the afterlife, the rewards that await the righteous and the
devout, the glorious ending of the faithful, and an example of
humanity's victory over death. The departed was honored, as he would
have wanted.

My words are to the living, the immediate family of Frank: Victoria,
Femi, Sade, his kith and kin in the US, Nigeria and elsewhere. To you
all, this is a heartfelt eulogy and sympathy.  I know that nothing
can easily minimize your loss or grief.  But time, love, and faith
will heal you and will heal broken hearts caused by his sudden
demise, and will allow you to once again find joy in life.

I have such fond memories of my good friend, and I poured out my
emotions in the first tribute that I wrote about him, telling the
world that he was an exceptional human being. I do not wish to repeat
myself here since I have a second opportunity to say something.  Here
are some of the memories I wish to share: Frank would sometimes speak
sternly so we would not forget the lessons of poise and dignity.
Still, the only picture in my mind is of a man who had laughter in
his heart and a smile on his face.  A prince among the people, he did
not lead a glamorous life, and he did not move in high circles. His
appreciation was more for people rather than the best things that
money can buy.  Professor Akinloye Ojo, the Director of African
Studies at the University of Georgia, told us yesterday of Frank's
great warmth and his pride in him, thereby lending the support of an
elder. Others gave testimonies of his warmth, vibrancy, and energy.
As Ojo was speaking, I was telling myself that life must be
translated into a vision, then a vision must become a mission, and
the mission pursued with passion. It is the intentionality and
intensity of the vision, mission and passion that we can control. We
have no control over the outcome.

I do not pretend to understand what Frank's thoughts must have been
in these last months when his health began to fail him. Perhaps,
thinking that he would overcome, the optimism drove him to intense
privacy, but he confided in some of us.

What could he have been thinking at a time in his life when 1 plus 1
did not equal 2? Perhaps he was dealing with his past, but I would
want to guess that he reflected on the future of his wife and
children when he would be no more.  Life poses so many unpredictable
challenges to you and me.  Often we are burdened with the inner
turmoil of unresolved questions for years, if not decades. I believe
Frank bravely fought some inner battles -- against his bad health and
the sadness that came with it, against self-doubt, against hope, or
something else that we may never know -- for many months or years. At
a point, he must have become exhausted or forgotten what he was
fighting for.

I speculate only because these are questions I inevitably ask. My
occupation is driven by questions, by the power of systematic doubt,
by speculations.  They are not unimportant.  All of you may have
experienced in different ways the effects of his inability to find a
different outcome.  But although our lives are bound up with others
and especially our loved ones, they are also separate and express
their own inner destinies and beauty.  So while Frank is an intimate
part of your histories and gave what he knew how to offer in order to
enrich and shape your lives, whatever grief his departure evoked need
not infect either your understanding of your own pasts nor the
creation, imagination and contemplation of your own futures. And I
use pasts and futures not as an error of linguistic inelegance, not
to offend our dear friend who was a linguist par excellence, but to
underscore our humanity and frailty: the fact that you and I are one,
but are also without one. Our meeting today, united by a past, may
not be united by a future. Know we not that we manifest different
journeys and experiences, and that our histories, in spite of our
love for one another and bonding, may inevitably follow different

The answer to pain, suffering, despair, emptiness is always and only
the sacredness of joy.  In this period of grief, seek joy in the
laughter of Frank's children.  Envision the most beautiful
possibilities for their lives and your own lives.  What will these
precious and triumphant portraits embody?  Peace, dignity,
generosity, and the noble struggles to maximize happiness.  No less.
All of these are within your grasp as we remember Frank, but let us
also pursue happiness and love, believe in global peace, become more
generous, and acquire the nobility to change the world for good.

You have an abundance of love and strength to offer one another.  You
have the tremendous support of ancestors who offer their gentle
spirits.  You have the sympathy and quiet faith of friends and family.

Frank is gone.  The benevolent forces of the universe have now taken
him to another realm, higher than the one we where we live.  To heal
him.  To transform him into something more than a human. To show him
that he was not alone.  To assure him that his burdens were not so
great as he, you and I thought.  To chide him gently for failing to
grasp the sacred joy all around him in this world, and the greater
joy that lies ahead.  To offer him consolation as we watch our
resilient capacity for embracing all that is beautiful in the world.

As you remember Frank, let the memory be one of laughter. And when
you weep, which I cannot prevent you from doing, let the tears be
empowering. Let the tears be those of wisdom and strength, of hope
and faith, of love and joy.

Frank is now on a mission. Greet all our ancestors for us. They want
the latest reports on us. Tell my parents that I am doing well.
Salute Oduduwa. Report Nigeria to them, in truth and faith; though
the tongues may differ, we remain compatriots. Keep an eye on your
family. Remind the living to live their lives with caution and a
sense of proportion, to create a balance between work and family.

I began this eulogy as a philosopher; I want to close it as a priest,
if only to respect Victoria, a wife, now a mother and a father, whose
life is deeply religious. The Yoruba, of which Frank was a member,
are very clever. They came up with various ideas germinated from the
seeds of caution. In one such idea, they tell us that one needs money
to survive in this world, but one needs iwa (character) to survive in
the next world. Money and what it can buy cannot be carried to
heaven. But character can, which the Yoruba define in terms of
engagements with other human beings, the spirits, and the forces that
guide the universe. Frank is now left with those elements of his
character, his religiosity, his spirituality. He and the abstract and
the reality of the various essences of the cosmos are now united.

Frank, your soul shall rest in peace;

Your surviving wife, children, friends and families will find
consolation in the richness of your life and the warmth of your being;

May your family and friends have the fortitude to bear this enormous
loss of a peaceful soul;

May we be offered divine solace, while being comforted and consoled
that your life and life-works, and humanistic efforts are never in
vain, mindful of the fact that your work yielded some visible results
and inspired others, like Professors Tunde Akinyemi and Akinloye Ojo
who are with us today, towards critical thinking,  realistic
strivings, and meaningful lifestyles.

Peace to you, my brother, a peaceful soul. Now, rest eternally and be
as only you, Frank, can be, even in that land of ancestors and


Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (SHD), Weyers Cave, Virginia AND STAUNTON, VA

Phone: (540) 234-8304

March 2, 2012
5pm = Viewing
6pm = Service of songs and laying-in-state Kyger Funeral Home, 3173 Sportswood Trial Harrisonburg VA 22801, phone 540-4341359

March 3, 2012
1:30pm = Memorial Service
Grace Covenant Church, 3337 Emmaus Rd. Harrisonburg VA 22801, phone 540-4339244 (via Covenant Drive, off South Main, RT 11 S.) Followed by interrment around 2:30pm, afterwards refreshment.

HOTELS: Walking distance to the church.
Hampton Inn 540-4370090, 43 Covenant Drive
Country Inn/Suites, 540-433-2400, 27 Covenant drive
Holiday Inn Express, 540-433-9999, 3325 South Main
Microtel Inn and Suites, 540-437-3777, 85 Pleasant Valley Rd. (Across the street, newly built)

1 Corinthians 15:55�57
"O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?" For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. (NLT)

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Father, Brother, Uncle and Friend Dr.Frank Arasanyin who was born in Okeagbe, Ondo State, Nigeria on 10th October 1954 and passed away on 10th February, 2012. He was 57 years old.

Professor Frank Olaoba Arasanyin was born at Afa, Okeagbe,Ondo State,Nigeria to the Royal family of His Highness late Ezekiel O Arasanyin and Princess Salamotu Arasanyin nee Alilu(deceased). Both parents were Christians of Anglican faith. Frank was the 6th child in a family tree of several children and was the first to receive any form of western education. 

He started elementary school at the Local Authority (LA) Primary School Okeagbe in January, 1960 where he obtained the first School leaving Certificate. He proceeded to Ajuwa Grammar School Okeagbe, the only High School in the area at the time for his post-primary education and completed high school in flying colors. Armed with good grades,  he then moved to Lagos, Nigeria's former political and still commercial nerve center. He gained employment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where he worked for sometime and rose in rank quickly.
His unquenchable quest for further education propelled him to seek admission for further education. In 1975 he secured admission to the Universit� Catholique de Louvain in Belgium where he obtained a B. A. in Germanic Philology/Literature in 1979. In 1981, Frank earned a M.A. in Germanic Philology/Comparative Literature with a Terminal Thesis focusing on the Cognitive Approach from Universit� Catholique de Louvain. Subsequently, he moved to the United States to continue his studies at Northwestern University, Chicago where in 1986 he received his Ph.D. in Linguistics with specializations in Semantics, Sociology and Psychology of Language. In 1991, Frank completed a M.L.S. (Masters of Library Science) in Library and Information Science with a specialization in Automation and Acquisition from Rutgers University.

In 1980 Frank went to Nigeria briefly to see his parents and returned in 1986 to hold the position of Lecturer and Director of Curriculum in Languages and Applied Linguistics in the Department of Languages and Linguistics, University of Jos, where he met his long life partner and wife, Victoria Okeke. He was there 3 years before he left for Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA, where he was a Senior Lector in African American Studies as well as African and Ethnic Studies. While at Yale, Victoria and Frank were blessed with two beautiful children, Folasade and Olufemi.

Widely travelled, he visited about 80 countries worldwide and spoke over 9 international languages among which are; French, German, Italian,Spanish and Dutch. He left behind a wife-Victoria, 2 children; Folasade and Olufemi and other family members. Frank will be remembered for his legacy of hardwork, transparency,love, touching lives and dedication to the work of God.
ORIKI(Oratorical Praise)
Omo owa omoekun
Omo Agbogbomoja
Omo ajiwajiwa ileke, sekeseke adodo, Omo Alade merindinlogun
Omo alabe kon isasi, Omo a fadodo seye
Omo arira denu okun yinbon kekekeke
Omo o pegede abi e ra pegede? O pegede ooooooo

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The Arasanyins
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3173 Spotswood Trail
Harrisonburg, VA22801
Tel: 540-434-1359

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 15 Mar 2012 – Arasanyin Emmanuel AdesinaBabatunde from Okeagbe,Nigeria
      email author
what a pity that I did't really meet you one on one!However,I miss you my uncle.Sun re o....Omo agbogbomoja.I am Arasanyin Babatunde.

 2 Mar 2012 – Sandra Sanneh from Yale University
      email author
Tribute to Professor Frank Olaoba Arasanyin Professor Frank Olaoba Arasanyin was our colleague in the Yale Program of African Languages for over a decade, from 1990 to 2002. He joined the Yale faculty to launch a new program in the study of Yoruba language. His broad knowledge of linguistics, his love of the Yoruba language and his dynamism combined to attract a growing number of students to his classes, and within a few years Yale students were studying Yoruba through advanced level. Fra...» read more

 1 Mar 2012 – Dr. & Mrs Yiwola Awoyale from University of Pennsylvania
      email author
Let me die the death of the righteous, And let my end be like his! Numbers 23:10 God bless Victoria and the children!

 28 Feb 2012 – Adebusola Adejumo from Willingboro, NJ
      email author
It was so wonderful to have met and know you for a short moment. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu!

 25 Feb 2012 – Pastor Cary Swanson from Statesboro
      email author
Doctor Frank, You were a blessing and a pleasure to talk with. You were a gift to so many that knew you and we are forever grateful for your many contributions to the world and to us personally.Your legacy and your love and honor for God will continue to touch many lives in the future. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Victoria, Shada, and Femi. It was an honor to know you and have you and your family worship with Janet and I each Sunday at CrossRoads Community Church in Statesboro, GA. I know...» read more

 22 Feb 2012 – Remi Roluga from New Jersey
      email author
May his soul rest in pease.

 22 Feb 2012 – Craig Roell from Statesboro, GA
      email author
Frank, I shall miss your great smile and extraordinary energy, which blessed me each day at work. Our Heavenly Father no doubt smiled upon you, my friend, when He welcomed you home to be with our Savior Jesus Christ with the words we all long to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant." May the peace of God comfort your precious family.

 21 Feb 2012 – Mr. & Mrs. Mike Igbokwe from Lagos, Nigeria
      email author
Steve & Jumoke, the news of thed eath of Frank which we received today some days after which it happened, was a big surprise to us. However, it is something that none can reverse. We can only pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort all of your and his immediate family memebrs that he left behind. May his soul rest in peace and may God give you all the fortitude to bear the loss.

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30 Mar 2012
Job placed this flower & wrote: So Sorry to hear about it But soon the promise of god will fulfill in John ;5;28;29 in the Bible
Thomas Klein
19 Feb 2012
Thomas Klein placed this flower & wrote: Happy are those who chose love purely, for the grave seals life prematurely.
Biodun Ladunni
17 Feb 2012
Biodun Ladunni placed this flower & wrote: May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace
Dayna Goldstein
16 Feb 2012
Dayna Goldstein placed this flower & wrote: I will remeber of his life story friendship and commitment.
Michael Pemberton
16 Feb 2012
Michael Pemberton placed this flower & wrote: I will miss you, my friend.
Janice Walker
16 Feb 2012
Janice Walker placed this flower & wrote: We will all miss your wonderful smile.
Olajumoke Arasanyin
15 Feb 2012
Olajumoke Arasanyin placed this flower & wrote: So sweet and gentle
Janet Oludoyi
14 Feb 2012
Janet Oludoyi placed this flower & wrote: May your soul rest in perfect peace

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From Theo and Esther Olaoye
7 Mar 2012 – Theo and Esther Olaoye sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. -- John 14:27

From Adewale Oloruntobi
17 Feb 2012 – Adewale Oloruntobi sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
Uncle Ojo, so sad that you departed this soon, but we take our comfort in God...it is indeed very painful that you are no more...may your gentle soul rest perfectly in the bosom of our Lord...Good night, one of the shining lights of the great ARASANYIN families.


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