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In Memory Of Heidi Allyn Reed

19th March 1979 – 28th October 2000

This memorial website was created in the memory of Heidi Allyn Reed, born on the 19th March 1979 and passed away on the 28th October 2000, 21 years of age.
Full Name: Heidi Allyn Reed
Born: 19th March 1979
Passed Away: 28th October 2000
Age: 21 years of age
Country: The United States
Father: Paul Reed
Mother: Judy Reed

Created by George on 29 Dec 2006
In Memory Of Heidi Allyn Reed

I hope that the following pages will bring back wonderful memories of Heidi. And if you never got to meet Heidi, I hope you get to know the kind of person she was. I am honored to share my beautiful daughter's life with you. Even though these pages could never come close to getting to know the "real" Heidi, I will try and capture just a part of how very special she was, and always will be. Her memory will never die.

"Fly away my Angel.

Spread your wings and fly;

Take the beauty of your soul,

And share it with the sky."

She was as strong as many men I know, and the most beautiful girl I have ever known...with a tender and caring heart. She was strong willed, stubborn, but sweet and thoughtful...Heidi brought so much joy into our lives. We miss her more than words could ever express. 

She has gone to Heaven! She had gone to a costume party for Halloween. And we never saw her again! God decided he wanted her in heaven! She wore the dress that I had bought her at a medieval faire near here. She looked so beautiful in that dress! She told me that she felt like a bride in it! We went to the faire this past summer, and had so much fun!!! We were all dressed in costume, and where ever Heidi was, people would just stare at her. She was so beautiful!

We were always a very close family, and did so much together!! It's so very hard! She was so beautiful--inside, as well as on the outside! And OH! How she loved to dance!!!  She liked Garth Brooks, and liked the song, "The Dance" a lot. She told us the story behind the song, and said Garth had a hard time singing it without crying. I liked the song too--we both like Garth Brooks. Well, we had "The Dance" played at her funeral. The song is just so fitting! I play it and just weep, and think of her.

The funeral home was packed with so many people---people who loved Heidi. She has had several trees planted in her memory. There are two special trees planted in our yard from friends, a Frazier fir, and a pin oak tree. The Longhorn restaurant where she worked (she was a cook, and loved it!), planted an unruly weeping willow tree--they call it the Heidi tree. They told us that when anyone is having a bad day, they go out and kiss the tree. Heidi always made everyone smile!

The grade school she attended bought a book in memory of Heidi, and put it in their school library. The name of the book is "Young Guinevere". Heidi loved people--young and old. An elderly lady (one of her friends' grandmother) came to the funeral home in tears, and told us that Heidi would go and visit her! She loved Heidi. We got a letter from a boy who told us that he had known Heidi since the fifth grade, and that Heidi was a friend to him when nobody else would be! That's the kind of person she was!
 She loved the outdoors---the beach, the woods. And she loved animals.

Oh, How we miss our little girl!

Special thanks to Judy for allowing us to use material from her site http://www.heidireed.com

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