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In Memory Of Joseph Edward Crowley

10th November 1884 – 24th December 1972

"If All You Can Take With You Is What You've Given Away, Eddie Had A Load To Carry When He Went Home"

This memorial website was created in the memory of Joseph (Eddie) Edward Crowley, born in Leesville, Vernon Parish, Louisiana on the 10th November 1884 and passed away on the 24th December 1972, 88 years of age.
Full Name: Joseph Edward Crowley
Born: 10th November 1884
Passed Away: 24th December 1972
Age: 88 years of age
Location: Paris, Lamar County, Texas
Country: The United States
Birth Place: Leesville, Vernon Parish, Louisiana
Children: Norma

Created by Norma on 13 Aug 2006
In Memory Of Joseph (Eddie) Edward Crowley

I have heard it said that all you can take with you when you die, is what you have given away....If that is true, then Eddie had a heavy load to carry when he went home. He gave his all.....all of his life. He worked so hard. He was blessed with wealth. He gave land, houses, furnishings, automobiles, anything and almost everything he had to others while he was still living. He cared nothing for what money would buy.


One of his greatest loves was giving to children. For me, he gave me life. He wasn't my natural Father but he was the only Father a child could want. He and his wife, Delia (Yates) Crowley, took into their hearts and into their home at two different times in their lives... two unwanted children, one black, raised from age 6 months until age 16 years and one white, me, who had to leave you when your precious wife, (my "Mommee") had cancer and couldn't care for me any longer. You gave us both a chance at life. For Eddie and Delia Crowley, Love was color blind. All they saw was two babies that no one wanted...so they did. How blessed to have been a part of this man's life.


How treasured are my memories of him. How hard it is to try to tell what a great man he was...but God knew....Eddie, I still miss you and love you so very much. You were the only connection I had with knowing what having a parent was and also you were the one that brought me to understand the meaning of God and what he expected of me in my life. You were a very wealthy man and yet you taught me that money means nothing at all. I only had you until I was 26 years old. That was not nearly long enough. I still miss you each day.


Thank you for your love, your caring and most of all...I Thank God for your memories. You were the only real childhood and love that I ever knew. I know I shall see you again. Please know that is one reason that death does not frighten me at all...because I will see you again, my beloved "Father". With all of the love in my heart...


Candy Crowley

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