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In Memory Of Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

28th December 2002 – 11th October 2005

This memorial website was created in the memory of Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the 28th December 2002 and passed away on the 11th October 2005, 2 years of age.
Full Name: Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs
Born: 28th December 2002
Passed Away: 11th October 2005
Age: 2 years of age
Location: Meeker, Oklahoma
Country: The United States
Father: Lance Briggs
Mother: Raye Dawn Smith
Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Siblings: Blaine Porter

Created by Friend on 27 Jul 2007 & upgraded by Jody
In Memory Of Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith was born December 28, 2002

Following is a description of Kelsey from her mommy, Raye Dawn:

"Kelsey had a little giggle she would do and cover her mouth when she thought something was so funny...

She knew where she wanted to be, and she had a smile and personality that could brighten up any room.

Everyone that met her fell in love with her....

I took her to get her ears pierced. She was so grown up about it (more than adults usually are). It was a VERY special time for us. She knew she was going to have earrings just like her mommy, and she was so excited about that. When she was all done the first thing she said was, "I haffa (have to) go show grandma (Gayla Smith)!"

To put it all together, SHE WAS PERFECT... and that is just the bottom line... I know all parents say that, but she REALLY was..."

Kelsey left this world at the age of two and a half from blunt force trauma to her abdomen. Her step-father, Mike Porter, is serving a 30 year sentence after pleading to enabling child abuse. He pled to enabling versus being charged with murder and sexual assault, his original charges.


Kelsey's mom, Raye Dawn Smith is serving a 27 year sentence for enabling child abuse. She's awaiting an appeal.

Please visit http://freekelseysmom.com to find out more.

This tribute site is for the maternal family only. Please be respectful and leave any messages for the paternal family on their memorial site.

Because of the actions and statements of the paternal family, any comments left for them will be edited or deleted. This site is for Kelsey's memory. Please respect that and ONLY leave comments for Kelsey and her grieving Maternal family. Again, this is a memorial site FOR KELSEY, any negative and hateful comments will be deleted.

God bless you!

Photo Albums

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Kelsey wearing Raye Dawn's dress
Kelsey and Grandpa Ray and Kelsey with her mom, grandma, aunt, and great grandmaKelsey loved purple flowersKelsey and Raye Dawn shared a special bond

Condolence Guest Book

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 4 Jul 2014 – Karen Foster from Connecticut
      email author
Sorry for all of the suffering you endured in your short little life. Rejoice in the knowledge that your Mommy loved and still loves you everyday. Spread your wings and fly beautiful lil girl. Many people that never knew you think of you and know that you are now with the sibling that you never met. Enjoy your shared love of your Mommy, now and forever until you see her again someday.

 26 Apr 2013 – visitor from oklahoma city
Rest in peace baby girl even though I haven't. Met you you still were a miracle to this world you don't have to feel pain no more miss you and love you baby girl

 23 Oct 2012 – Carlos from California
      email author
I am the father of a new baby girl and my heart just broke after reading about this story. I know she is in a better place now with Jesus and no harm will ever come to her again. RIP Kelsey.

 10 Sep 2012 – Kristi from Greenville SC
      email author
Kelsey, I love and miss you so much. I'll see you soon I promise.

 30 Aug 2012 – PAX from McLean VA
I think both mr. Porter and Kelseys mom are where they should be. I am sorry but its the truth. Kelsey is the victim. They say some people should not have children and this is the prime example

 18 Jul 2012 – Amanda from Texas
Rest peacefully, sweet angel. I promise I will fight child abuse until my dying day, and I will not stop fighting for your mommy is home where she belongs. I love you, precious baby girl!

 8 Oct 2010 – marrisa from oklahoma
      email author
Kelsesey, I did not get a chance to meet you, however you seem like a really sweet and lovely girl. All I can say is you will be missed and always remembered and loved in the hearts of those who loved you. And I will do my best to make sure that your death was not in vain! I promise you that much sweetheart. Rest in peace sweetie.

 5 Sep 2010 – Laura from Illinois
      email author
Rest in peace little Kelsey! You truely are perfect, and adorable, for that matter. I can imagine how you used to laugh and play and it makes me smile. Love you Kelsey, you're so sweet!

Visitor Flowers

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1 Jul 2014
Manda placed this flower & wrote: You are loved and remembered so much, baby girl. Please be with your mommy & loved ones!
Christine Waite
11 Dec 2013
Christine Waite placed this flower & wrote: A beautiful flower for a beautiful little girl in God's arms now.
14 Oct 2013
Kat placed this flower & wrote: Sending Prayers XOxo
27 Nov 2012
Iris placed this flower & wrote: I know that you are now in Kingdom of our Lord babygirl at the right time justice will prevail..
29 Mar 2012
Liz placed this flower & wrote: For Kelsey Smith, a beautiful little girl
8 Oct 2010
marrisa placed this flower & wrote: she was a lovely little girl and will be missed.
14 Jun 2010
JACKI placed this flower
Ammy Harrison
16 May 2010
Ammy Harrison placed this flower & wrote: Love u sweet angel
3 May 2010
Courtney placed this flower & wrote: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU KELSEY R.I.P
8 Apr 2010
Jennifer placed this flower & wrote: She was adorable. Sorry for your loss!!
29 Mar 2010
Tanzeela placed this flower & wrote: RIP Lil' Angel
Vicki Keneda
25 Feb 2010
Vicki Keneda placed this flower & wrote: Thinking about you
9 Jan 2010
Frances placed this flower & wrote: A little angel taken too soon, but now safe in Gods arms.
5 Jan 2010
Isabelle placed this flower
Natalie & Madi Coppes
22 Dec 2009
Natalie & Madi Coppes placed this flower & wrote: Kelseys Stepfather was very Crule and should have not done that.....But he already has!!!!! :'(
Lety Sanchez
2 Dec 2009
Lety Sanchez placed this flower & wrote: Beautiful angel
17 Nov 2009
tata placed this flower & wrote: had a peaceful sleep sweety, i knw that u're hppy wth God on heaven. i'll pray 4 u, baby.
Cristy Magno
5 Nov 2009
Cristy Magno placed this flower & wrote: You're so adorable, heaven is really your home. My daughter Anger is there. God bless your family
22 Oct 2009
Katie placed this flower & wrote: RIP cutiepie!
8 Oct 2009
kim placed this flower & wrote: this beautiful rose is for you kelsey xxxx
26 Sep 2009
9 Sep 2009
JAMY JOHNSON placed this flower & wrote: REST IN PEACE "SWEET BABY"
Karen Montgomery
4 Sep 2009
Karen Montgomery placed this flower & wrote: God Bless You Kelsey...Beautiful Angel
4 Sep 2009
VIANNA RANGA placed this flower & wrote: YOU WILL LIVE LONG IN MY HEART

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Vanessa lit this candle on 13 May 2014
Kat Xoxox lit this candle on 14 Oct 2013
Tina bohn lit this candle on 15 Jan 2013
Manda lit this candle on 18 Jul 2012
Autumn lit this candle on 24 Jul 2011
Gokhan lit this candle on 12 Jun 2011
Lexia lit this candle on 28 Jan 2011
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Shannon Bryant lit this candle on 5 May 2010
Jennifer lit this candle on 8 Apr 2010
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May lit this candle on 27 Nov 2009
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kim lit this candle on 8 Oct 2009
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From Courtney
3 May 2010 – Courtney sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
I'm sooo sorry this little angel was taken away so soon from your family and i don't know ya'll but i feel like i've been knowing kelsey forever in my heart and i cry over her death probably more than any other stranger can.I have a 2yr. old that looks like kelsey and it kills me inside to imagine how you must feel inside your hearts to know kelsey is in heaven now.R.I.P sweet angel kelsey.


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