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In Memory Of Matthew John (Jack) Wilcox-Guard

4th June 1913 – 29th April 1979

This memorial website was created in the memory of Matthew John (Jack) (Jack, Jackie) Wilcox-Guard, born in 16 Stepney Street, Cwmbwrla on the 4th June 1913 and passed away on the 29th April 1979, 65 years of age.
Full Name: Matthew John (Jack) Wilcox-Guard
Born: 4th June 1913
Passed Away: 29th April 1979
Age: 65 years of age
Location: Swansea
Country: The United Kingdom
Spouse: Betty Luxton
Father: Thomas Wilcox-Roberts
Mother: Jesse Maud Guard
Birth Place: 16 Stepney Street, Cwmbwrla
Children: Mary, Eileen and Robert
Occupation: father, husband, businessman, veteran

Created by John on 17 Dec 2005
In Memory Of Matthew John (Jack) (Jack, Jackie) Wilcox-Guard
A DINNER-- VICTIM OF WORLD WAR TWO, by his daughter, Eileen Wilcox-Luxton:

"There is a story about my father, Matthew WIlcox-Guard that has been repeated to me over the years. It is about the time when my mother and sister went to stay in Devonshire with Mum's relations to get away from the bombings in WW2. My father was sending money to my mother and didn't have a lot left over for himself. One day he found himself with no food and no money. At that time they had two rabbits (a buck and a doe). After giving it a lot of thought, he decided to kill the doe and have roast rabbit for his dinner and a bit left over for the next day. Well, he did the dirty deed and cooked the poor rabbit, set it out on a platter and sat down for his tasty meal. But, every time he put his fork into the meat all he could see was the rabbit's eyes looking at him as he put her to death. Then the buck rabbit came into the house and looked at him accusingly. That was the last straw! He couldn't eat it. So, the rabbit was killed for nothing. My mother remembered him writing to her about it and how sorry she felt that he had had to go to such lengths to get a meal....and then still go without."

Most people called Matthew "Jack" or "Jackie", a nickname for John--only one brother called him Matt or Matthew and that was Bertram, to whom he was very close.

Matthew John Wilcox was was the youngest of the family, and, according to his siblings, just a bit spoilt (but not too much!). He'll be remembered as a law abiding, hardworking, loving family man who is still missed to this day. He died only ten months after retiring, so he didnt have much time to relax and live the goodlife after a life of hard work, starting at 14 years of age. "They dont make men like that anymore.'

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 6 Jul 2013 – clista from arizona
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My deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one. The Bible states at Psalm 37:29 "The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it." One day soon, man's enemy, death will be a gone FOREVER! Think of what that means! Families such as yourself and friends torn apart by death will again meet here on earth. Your heart will swell with happiness when you are able to enjoy good times with those whose companionship you once treasured. Take comfort in the fact t... read more

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28 Apr 2013
JM placed this flower & wrote: Rest in God's peace
John M
4 Jun 2011
John M placed this flower & wrote: God bless your family
8 Jan 2011
Eileen placed this flower & wrote: Still in my thoughts after many years
25 Mar 2007
Eileen placed this flower & wrote: Just thinking of you today Dad
Eileen & grandchildr
1 Jun 2006
Eileen & grandchildr placed this flower & wrote: For your 93rd birthday, June 4th.
29 Apr 2006
Emma placed this flower & wrote: Im memory of my grandpa with love
4 Apr 2006
Debbie placed this flower & wrote: With love
4 Apr 2006
Matthew placed this flower & wrote: I wish I had met you Grandad.
4 Feb 2006
John placed this flower
Vanessa Taylor
19 Jan 2006
Vanessa Taylor placed this flower & wrote: He sounds like a lovely man thank you
18 Dec 2005
Emma placed this flower & wrote: In memory of the Grandpa I never Knew
18 Dec 2005
George placed this flower & wrote: Still missed by his children.
18 Dec 2005
Eileen,Bob,Mary placed this flower & wrote: We whisper your name in our prayers,

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