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In Memory of Paige Godard
4th March 1990 –
6th November 2006

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Paige was a strong Christian. She was just diagnosed 3 weeks before her 9th grade year was over. Just before we found out about her illness, a week or two before, she was giving a her testamony to her High school (Ontario Christian High School) because she had a different illness before this one. She was starting to pass out and things like that. WE went to the doctors and we did M.R.I.'s and found a brain tumor next to her Medulla. Then she was diagnosed with Medullablastoma. SHe had chemo and radiation. It had been so tough for her. She had missed two years of school and went through so many treatments. The next M.R.I. showed that the tumor had disappeared with the treatments. Later in the next couple months, they did another full body M.R.I. and found the Cancer back, in her spine. It was all over. We were shocked and very diappointed. She was crushed, btu kept her faith up and trust in God. Although she couldnt go to school, couldnt walk, but do childish things at the age of 16, she was proud and lovable and took it all as an honor from God, but hurt. She had lost MOST of her friends and she only had her family, i'm the sister, and her best friends that were Christian. They were on their way to start the Stem Cell Transplant, but she didnt make it that far adn the Cancer had taken over and she was termanal. Her family and friends stuck by her and still to this day miss her so. I am 13 years old and she was the closest thing I ever had. Life is boring, empty, and heart breaking still now without her. We all love her and miss her beyond life.!

We love you my sweet Paigey!!!!! <3

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