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In Memory Of Paul C Hatch

26th June 1943 – 21st November 2009

This memorial website was created in the memory of Paul (The Big Guy) C Hatch, born in Readhead cove on the 26th June 1943 and passed away on the 21st November 2009, 66 years of age.
Full Name: Paul C Hatch
Born: 26th June 1943
Passed Away: 21st November 2009
Age: 66 years of age
Country: Canada
Spouse: Juanita Bromley
Father: Cyril
Mother: Clara
Birth Place: Readhead cove
Children: Karen, ,Diane , Ken , Todd
Siblings: Al , Chris , Zita , Sheila
Occupation: Regestered Nursing Assistant

Created by diane on 9 Nov 2010
In Memory Of Paul (The Big Guy) C Hatch
Survived By: Grandchildren: -Ashley 22 -Kyle 19 -Cody 17 -Cory 15 -Braden 7 -Paul Jackson 10 months -Jordan 20 -Kaitlynn 18 -and baby Brooklynn is on her way which would be Paul's first great-grandchild

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10 Nov 2010
John placed this flower & wrote: Rest in God's peace

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Nathan lit this candle on 13 Nov 2010

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